Wow. Here we are in 2019. A new year means new trends in the beauty and fashion world.

Let’s see what’s being forecast in 2019.

Beauty Trends According to Pinterest

At the end of 2018, social media giant Pinterest dipped into their data of 250 million pinners to see what could be the biggest trends in 2019.  Let’s see some of what they saw.

Nail Trends in 2019

Almond Nails

This manicure style of rounding nails into the shape of the nut has gained popularity and looks to be a favorite in 2019.

Dip Powder Nails

Interest in dip powdered nails seems to be surging. This nail technique sits between the typical manicure and artificial nails. The technique lasts longer than gels; however, it can be challenging to remove. Additionally, some of the over-the-counter products contain ingredients that could harm your nails.

If you’re interested in dip powdered nails or other nail trends, we suggest you come visit us for a consultation. Our Nail Services offers a variety of treatments that capture the look you’re looking for while keeping your nails healthy, smooth and beautiful.

Hair Styles in 2019

Going Gray is In

It appears many women are embracing their gray. Styles range from the full gray hair look to streaks of gray.

Lilac Hair Trending Up

Whether it’s full colored or locks, this pastel color already appears to be a 2019 favorite.

Baby Bangs Not on the Fringes Anymore

Short, blunt bangs are predicted to be a big trend in 2019.

Interested in going with a trending hairstyle? Our hair designers keep up with the latest trends and would be happy to assist you in looking your best.

Going Glossy and Bold in 2019 

Glossy makeup for lips and eyelids are trending up for 2019. Glossy is a great way to stand out. And speaking of standout…

…standout red lips seem to be the lip color preference for 2019. 

If you’re looking for ways to help your skin, lips, and eyes standout in 2019, consider making an appointment with our Skin Treatment Services. We offer a variety of treatments to help you maintain healthy, beautiful and radiant skin. 

Fashion Trends in 2019

Another social media giant, Instagram, is starting to show popular fashion trends for 2019.

The Tie-Dye Look 

In recent years, we’ve seen an upswing in tie-dyed clothing. That trend appears to be fully back in style for 2019.

Big Hats 

Many brands are producing oversized hats as interest in this style appears to be picking up.

Utility Pants

Cargo shorts seem commonplace now. However, in 2019 it looks like we’ll see pants picking up this lots of pockets and loose fit style.

Sport Sandals & Fancy Flats

It appears these comfortable foot wear styles will be gaining popularity in 2019. We’ve already seen many brands in stores throughout the area.

When it Comes to Looking Your Best in 2019, Let Us Help

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