From weekend festivals to nightlife fun, St. Augustine seems to be exploding with celebration opportunities in 2020.

When you add birthdays, anniversaries, other life milestones, plus holidays, there can be a full year worth of celebratory events to be enjoyed.

That also means opportunities for indulgence are plentiful for those going from one celebration to another.

Below, we’ve provided 7 tips to help revitalize your skin after indulging in alcohol.

But first, let’s take a look at what happens to your skin after an evening of drinking.

What Does Alcohol Do to Your Skin?

Alcohol will dehydrate your body. That dehydration takes fluids from the skin, drying it out. Additionally, alcohol causes inflammation, which creates a histamine reaction in your skin.

The effect on your skin may include:

  • Redness
  • Dilated or broken capillaries on cheeks and nose
  • Edema
  • Swelling in the face
  • A tired, dull look

No doubt you’ve seen these effects on fellow partiers or, maybe, in selfies taken at parties.

By the way, age is a factor in how fast your body removes alcohol. With one drink:

  • It takes 3 hours to leave a 20-year old’s body
  • It takes 33 hours to leave a 40-year old’s body

Lowering the amount of alcohol consumption can help lower the amount of skin damage.

Below, we’ve shared skincare tips you can use to help minimize the skin damage caused by a bit of overindulgence.

Skincare Tip 1: Remove Your Makeup the Night Before

Before going to bed after drinking alcohol, remove your makeup. Makeup left on your skin can impair your skin’s ability to repair itself while you sleep.

Keep cleanser handy so it’s just an easy step to use before climbing into bed for some shuteye. For simplicity, we recommend taking 4 cotton pads and soaking them in a small Tupperware with makeup remover. That way they’re ready to use at the end of the night.

Skincare Tip 2: Stay Hydrated

Drinking water can help slow down the dehydration caused by alcohol. Keep in mind that your body will use the water to hydrate your internal organs before your skin. So you may show external signs of indulgence.

Drink water in between alcoholic beverages. Be sure to drink water before climbing into bed and throughout the next day as well.

Skincare Tip 3: Put Your Face on Ice

Alcohol dilates blood vessels that can cause redness in your skin.

Refresh and cool your skin by taking an ice cube, roll it briefly in your hands so it isn’t sticky or rough, then apply to your skin.

Skincare Tip 4: Use Jade Rollers or Facial Massage Tool

Jade rollers and facial massage tools are perfect for morning aftercare. They help improve circulation and can have a cooling effect as well.

Put them in the freezer the night before to increase their cooling effect. When using them, don’t forget to include your eyes, lips, and neck. 

Skincare Tip 5: De-Puff Your Eyes

Cooling eye pillows overnight in the fridge is a great way to de-puff your eyes in the morning.

Skincare Tip 6: Exfoliate

A morning exfoliation can do wonders to refresh skin after an evening of indulgence.

This will help remove splotchy pigmentation and reduce the impact of inflammation on your skin—giving you a brighter glow for the day.

Skincare Tip 7: Seal Your Skin with a Spritz

Use a face mist throughout the day after a night of indulgence. That periodic gentle blast of moisture will help to keep your skin cool and hydrated.

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