While the beautiful and professionally photographed models and celebrities make it look enticing—and simple—we don’t recommend to our clients they use box colors purchased in the store aisle to color their hair.

If you’re looking for quality results, with color that matches your desires, a professional hair colorist will always be your better choice when it comes to coloring your hair.

Below, we provide top reasons why you should choose a professional hair colorist over box colors.

Best Reason to Work with a Professional Hair Colorist: Training

Have you ever purchased a $10 hair dye in a box, crossed your fingers and hoped it would turn out well?

A professional hair colorist is the best prevention to the “I don’t know what happened” DIY hair dye outcome. The reason? They’re certified and trained to take the “hope” out of the equation when it comes to coloring hair.

With many months of intense studying to understand everything from color to chemistry—plus undergoing a certification process with a pass rate of less than 20%–a well-trained professional hair colorist like those found at Debbie’s Day Spa and Salon can make the final result of your hair color “a sure thing.”

Hair Dye in a Box isn’t Customized for You

There is more to hair color than mass-produced dyes. While one woman might experience a blondish color from a box, another might get a shade of orange.

The reason? The box did not consider factors unique to you.

When you sit in front of one of our hair colorists, they consider many factors when customizing a hair color to match your desire. For example:

  • Natural level & underlying pigment
  • Skin Tone
  • Level of Porosity
  • Previous Artificial Pigments
  • Percentage of Gray—If Any

If You Want Hair Color Like the Celebrity on the Box See a Hair Colorist 

Celebrities pay a lot of money to get the hair results you see. Color that didn’t come from a $10 box.

Instead, these celebrities go to professionals trained to consider the many factors listed above to get the final results the star’s desire…similar results you can get as well. When you spot a hair color that you want to duplicate, talk to your hair colorist. They’re trained to consider your unique factors to get the results you desire.

If Cost is a Reason to Buy Box Color, Be Sure to Budget for Corrective Color Services 

Sometimes, a DIY hair coloring doesn’t work out. If you’re coloring your hair for an urgent reason—maybe a job interview or social occasion—then a hair color mistake can be a nightmare.

Corrective hair coloring can be more expensive than professional hair coloring. That $10 box color could turn into a couple of hundred dollars to fix. Most times, it’s smarter and less costly to seek out professional help first.

When it Comes to Coloring Your Hair, Consider a Consultation 

Before you make a box color purchase or spend an evening coloring your hair, consider getting a professional hair colorist consultation first.

Visit Debbie’s Day Spa and Salon and we’ll be happy to discuss your hair color goals and the best options for you to achieve them.

Call (904) 825-0569 to schedule a consultation today.

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