While strolling down St. George Street, shopping at the grocery store, or running other errands, it is apparent that face masks have become a way of life for many St. Augustine residents in 2020.

It looks like the COVID-19 pandemic will be with us for a while. That’s why healthcare professionals recommend that people wear a face mask for the foreseeable future.

However, many folks are finding that long-term face mask-wearing may be causing skin and facial problems such as:

  • Irritations, chafing, redness, and bruising from the pressure of the mask
  • Acne and pimple breakouts from oil and sweat buildup
  • Dry and cracked skin due to friction that removes natural moisture
  • Wrinkles due to ill-fitting masks causing pulling and stretching of the skin
  • Potential skin infections from bacteria and yeast buildup

Face masks can also be troublesome when combined with the hot and humid Florida summers.

Since the health benefits of wearing a face mask may outweigh potential skin problems, we’ve provided several measures below that you can take to help minimize issues caused by wearing them.

Before we move on, please remember that Debbie’s Day Spa & Salon skincare professionals are always available to help you care for your skin and face. 

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5 Ways to Protect Your Skin and Face While Wearing Face Masks

Make Sure Your Face Mask Properly Fits

Ill-fitting masks can move side to side and up and down on your face, causing skin irritations.

Make sure your mask fits snugly over cheeks, nose, and chin, but doesn’t squeeze or press too tightly that it leaves indented marks on your face.

The goal is to minimize rubbing friction against your skin while the face mask properly protects your health.

Choose Face Masks Made of Soft, Natural, and Breathable Materials

Don’t use a face mask just because it’s attractive. Synthetic materials like polyester, nylon, and rayon can make you sweat more, which dampens the mask. Wet masks can cause skin irritations.

Make sure it’s made of a material that’s breathable, soft to the skin, and natural like 100% cotton for example. 

Skip Using Makeup Under the Face Mask

Makeup can stifle your skin’s ability to breathe under a mask. Skip using makeup if you’re going to be wearing a mask for a while and give your oil and sweat pores room to breathe.

Gently Wash Your Face Before and After Wearing a Face Mask

A gentle washing can remove excess oils and debris from your face before and after wearing a mask.

Be sure to use lukewarm water. Avoid using strong face soaps or exfoliates. Use a gentle skin cleanser then gently pat your skin dry with a clean towel.

If you’re unsure of what cleanser to use, our skin professionals at Debbie’s Day Spa & Salon can provide you with helpful recommendations.

Use a Moisturizer Throughout the Day

It’s always our recommendation to keep your skin and face hydrated throughout the day even when not wearing a mask.

For mask wearers, a moisturizer helps to create a barrier between the mask and your skin. This reduces friction that could chafe your skin, which could lead to dry and cracked skin, acne and pimple outbreaks, and skin infections.

Visit Debbie’s for a Skin Treatment Consultation

Always remember, we’re here to help you care for your skin. Let us help you select the right products for your skin and face needs.

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