Natural nails have been a popular choice with many of our nail salon clients. This follows a 2019 trend for minimal manicures that showcase natural nails.

The Versatility of Natural Nails

The simplicity of natural nails can be appealing and attractive. If you’re into showing off the latest clothing fashions, your natural nails won’t be competing for attention.

However, natural doesn’t have to mean plain. There are many nail polishes on the market that are natural and attractive. We’ll be happy to guide you to the right product that matches your style.

Natural Nails Require Only Basic Care

Natural nails are easy to maintain with just the basics of care.

  • Keep your natural nails trimmed (if you prefer long nails consider a shellac to strengthen your nails)
  • Keep your cuticles moisturized with high-quality oil to avoid cracking and drying out
  • Buff your nails carefully for a smooth look
  • Wear gloves to avoid harsh cleaning chemicals from damaging your nails
  • If you want some color, use natural nail polish to paint your nails

Maintaining a healthy diet is another way to promote natural nail health. Be sure to eat a biotin-rich diet that could include eggs, nuts, and salmon.

Another important care tip for natural nails is proper filing. When filing, slow, gentle, and one direction is the best way to maintain strong nails. If you use an emery board, be sure to use one that’s not too textured or grainy.

When Caring for Your Natural Nails, Let Us Help

Our St. Augustine nail salon services caters to clients desiring professional care for their natural nails.

We offer professional treatments, manicures, and pedicures that will help keep your nails naturally healthy, smooth, and beautiful.

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